The 7 Health Benefits of Breathing Negative Ions Regularly

breathing negative air ions

What can breathing negative air ions do for me?

Any disease or discomfort that we experience is a manifestation of an internal system that has gone out of whack. Everything that we take into our body– food, water and air, will affect us. However, the air that we breathe is of major importance because it goes directly into our blood stream to impact our physical, mental and emotional well being. Besides, we take in about 10,000 litres of air each day just to maintain life. Each breath when ingested is involved in a host of chemical reactions necessary for every metabolic process.

The quality of the air we breathe will therefore have a significantly effect on our whole being.

Our ionizers are therapeutic devices recognized around the world for a range of physiological improvements in health and wellness. It helps to restore our body’s natural balance by providing an environment that enables us to breathe and sleep as nature intended while our body repairs itself.

1) Breathing negative ions restore our body’s natural balance

Breathing unnatural, ion depleted air consistently throws our hormones out of balance. Breathing Nature’s negative air ions however, has a normalizing effect on our body’s chemistry.

Ion scientists have discovered that breathing bad quality indoor air can cause the body to over secrete blood serotonin, a neurotransmitter and stress hormone. It can also cause the body to react with production of excess histamine and adrenaline. These can lead to a range of unpleasant symptoms such as migraine, asthma, allergies, breathing difficulties, slow thinking, sensitivity to pain, hyperactivity, fatigue, moodiness, dull-wittedness, sleepiness, anxiety, depression, aggression and emotional irritability.

Negative air ionizers restores the natural ion count and balance to our air to bring about a reversal of the symptoms caused by breathing unhealthy air. With an internal state of balance, the body will be able to function optimally and to enjoy vibrancy, vitality, emotional calmness and optimism.

2) Breathing negative ions help you to breathe easier

Nature’s small negative air ions are readily assimilated into our body to help normalize our internal chemistry with drastic reduction of allergy symptoms and breathing difficulties.  Negative ions have also been found to speed up the rate of movement of the cilia, tiny hairs that keep the bronchial tubes and air passageways clear by moving in a sweeping motion. It ensures optimal functioning of our lungs by increasing the efficiency with which tiny particles are removed from the airways.

3) Breathing negative ions protect you from airborne disease pathogens

Nature’s negative air ions will completely wipe out air borne pathogens to create a germ-free environment. This will help to halt the spread of colds and flu and especially beneficial for children and those with a weakened immune system. It also prevents wound infections and helps expedite recoveries from injuries, operative incisions and burns.

4) Breathing negative ions consistently will greatly oxygenate your body making it a hostile environment for disease and germs

Our ionizers produce large amounts of oxygen ions consistently. Oxygen molecules in the air are induced with a negative charge. Negative oxygen ions are readily absorbed by the body through the breathing process to greatly oxygenate the blood and the body.

Chronic oxygen deficiency can cause serious imbalances that lead to repeated infections, cancers and other degenerative diseases. A highly oxygenated body cannot accommodate disease germs and rogue cells such as cancer cells are anaerobic in nature.

5) Breathing Negative Ions help blood circulation

Blood cells carry a negative charge. Breathing excessive amount of positive ions will cause the cells to lose some of their negative potential and cause them to coagulate or clot together. Breathing negative air ions consistently will restore the repelling effect of the cells and improve blood circulation.

6) Breathing Negative Ions will stimulate your immune system to fight infections

Years of university research demonstrate that breathing negative oxygen ions will stimulate the body’s production of the anti-body immunoglobulin A (IgA) to fight off infections. This is great support for those who have a susceptibility to colds and flu.

7) Breathing Negative Ions will enhance your chi or life force for vitality & longevity

This may seem rather spiritual but it has a scientific explanation. Cellular communication within our body, between cells, tissues, organs is through the on-going firing of electric impulses. Every healthy cell is negatively charged and negative ions of oxygen enhance that electrical conductivity, which is termed as chi or prana (translated Breath or Life Force) by certain Eastern cultures. Medical science also recognized that the human body is electric in nature and bio-electrical technologies such as electrocardiography and electroencephalography are used in medical tests to assess the health of the heart and brain.

Holy men cultivate their chi with deep abdominal breathing and mediation in natural environments with high negative ion content. Incidentally, they also have superb health, good muscle tone and mental clarity.

The breath of life means exactly that. To breathe is to live. With ionized air, you can make every breath a building block to a healthier, more beautiful and happier you. Let’s live fully and make our life count, with nature’s fundamental raw materials, oxygen ions. Breath by breath.

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