Water Purification

water the elixir of life

Water — The Extraordinary Elixir Of Life

“Water is the elixir of life, water contains medicines.” Atharva Veda

Water is a very strange and anomalous thing and has been rightly called a liquid mineral. Water in nature has a matrix of dissolved minerals salts from various rock formations on the earth. It is also interesting to note that we are very much like the Earth on which we will spend our entire lives. We are about 70 percent water, and so is the Earth. Moreover, blood plasma in our body is also very much like the ocean, having the same calcium, magnesium and sodium levels.

Water is the extraordinary elixir of life. After all each of us resided in water in our mothers’ wombs for the initial nine months of our lives. Water hydrates trillions of cells in our body, clear out toxins and is the carrier of bio-electric energy. Much of the oxygen we need come from water – the average water intake for an adult contains 3 times as much oxygen molecules as that consumed through respiration. That is why we should drink copious amounts of water.

The Destruction Of Water

The extent of water contamination on the Earth is alarming. Even landscapes that appear pristine can experience the effects of pollution sources located hundreds or thousands of miles away. Scientists went to the outreaches of the North and South Poles and found 250 seemingly pristine bodies of water, thousands of miles from civilization contaminated with pharmaceutical drugs, plastic chemicals and other synthetic compounds that have been found to disrupt sexual function and reproduction in wildlife.

Even municipal water supply is contaminated with health destroying water treatment additives and other pollutants including

  • Agricultural Chemicals
  • Chlorine & Chloramine
  • Fluorides
  • Disinfection Byproducts
  • Heavy Metals
  • Industrial Chemicals
  • Microorganisms
  • Pharmaceuticals & Basic Drugs

All these water contaminants have been linked to serious health problems in human. Conventional water filtration systems have not able to thoroughly remove these contaminants. Other water processing methods such distillation, reversed osmosis and water ionization & electrolysis present unnatural water that are either devoid of essential and trace minerals or contain questionable substances that can undermine the body’s health over time.

Healing Our Water With Nature’s Ionic Minerals

Only nature itself has the power to heal our waters. Sulfates from volcanic activity extract salts from mineral rich rocks. These salts then dissolve in water to form electrically charged mineral ions which mineralize and purify the water. These potent mineral ions then interact with dissolved contaminants and toxins in the water and render them harmless. They become insoluble and inert and eventually sink to the bottom of the water, keeping our springs and oceans pure and clean.

Nature’s mineral ions effectively remove toxic water pollutants and provide the human body with necessary essential and trace minerals that are in the form, concentration and balance that the body requires. At Dorea, we work in line with nature’s design, choosing and advocating products that complies with the laws of nature to heal broken humanity.

Adya Clarity is a natural blend of purified water and concentrated ionic sulfate minerals. It contains a special extract of black mica or biotite, a granite rock. Adya Clarity converts ordinary tap water into pristine healing water that has a full spectrum of life giving ionic minerals. This is the kind of water that will hydrate, detoxify and nourish the human body to promote excellent health.

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