The Secret To Enhanced Learning

Air Ionization Enhances Learning

How to increase memory and learning abilities

The secret to enhanced learning and mental performance lies in the essence of air that we breathe. Oxygen is brain food. A highly charged atmosphere with an abundance of negative ions of oxygen is conducive for increased concentration, learning and creativity.

The brain, being an intricately wired circuitry of billions of nerve cells is fueled by electrical energy. Taking in electrical charges of oxygen molecules with the breath provides a direct boost to the cognitive function. This effect is often drastic and immediate. Oxygen ions do not have to be processed through the body in a digestive manner in order to work. Every inhalation sends it directly into the blood stream for rapid delivery to the center of learning and processing, our brain.

Pierce J Howard, author of The Owner’s Manual for the Brain, explained that negative ions help us to think better. “Generally speaking, negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to the brain; resulting in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness and more mental energy.” The Altman’s Environment & Social Behaviour Study in 1975 was one of the first to demonstrate that a highly ionized environment result in a significant improvement in the performance of school children. Mental functioning was increased with reduction in error rate.

One of our clients was a teacher working with children who have learning and behavioural problems; many have what is termed as ADD and ADHD. They find it difficult to concentrate or follow instructions. One day, she had a cold and not wanting to infect her children took her ionizer to school with her. Later, she reported that she had the best day ever with those kids. They were quieter and more cooperative.

A teacher teaching in a special school for disabled children found that her students’ work performance was increased dramatically and there were no problems with behavioural issues when the ionizer was present. Often times people would say how crazy the students were in the building, but in her classroom there would be no indication that there were problems.

An 18 year old electrical engineering student was having a hard time in his studies. Having researched the effects of negative ions on mental performance, got himself an Elanra ionizer and studied with four of his mates around the machine. Incidentally, all 5 students obtained top scores that year.

A contractor’s son was studying at Bond University, one of Australia’s top universities. He borrowed his dad’s Elanra ionizer and studied with the machine. And he wouldn’t give it back because he got 100 out of 100. It has never happened at Bond University that anyone gets 100 out of 100. A few months later, he did it again 100 out of 100 for his finals. So, that machine didn’t get back to dad. He had to buy another one.

In 1984, a study was conducted on the effectiveness of negative ions of oxygen on mental performance for mentally handicapped children as well as normal children. Under double-blind testing conditions, all the children breathing negatively ionized air were superior in incidental memory. The results were published in the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology where it was reported that normal children enhanced their learning by 8.4%; those that had learning difficulties, 23.6% and those that were mentally handicapped, 54.8%. The scientists concluded that air ionization improves memory and attention in learning disabled and mentally retarded children.

Ionizing the learning environment with a medical air ionizer will provide the support our children need for their learning and mental performances. Negative oxygen ions help the body return to normality by neutralizing the effects of excessive amounts of the stress & neuro-hormone serotonin, commonly found in hyperactive and attention deficit children, helping them to calm down and to focus. This is an effective alternative to psychiatric medications which are routinely prescribed to children with learning and behavioural difficulties. And these usually have undesirable side effects.

Thus, the secret to enhanced learning is simply the restoration of our air to that which nature intended, rich in oxygen ions, the vitamins of the air. Improved brain function and cognitive abilities will bring to the student the joy of learning. Knowledge and skills are easily acquired and good grades are no longer out of reach. Academic achievement brings increased confidence with a healthy sense of self-worth and pride.

It is important to know that unnatural indoor air is sabotaging our children’s capacity to learn and we can change that right now. With air ionization we can provide our children with this unfair advantage in life – an environment that fuels the passion for learning and living.


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