Product FAQs

Q: How often should I change the settings?
A: It is strongly recommended that you use the Elanra on the appropriate therapeutic setting for at least 6 months. Changing settings often will not achieve the best result. Some people find benefit very quickly and with others it can take months. Everybody is different.


Q: My needles glow in the dark. Is this normal?
A: Yes, but if they don’t glow it doesn’t mean that your unit is not working. The glowing needles vary with the environmental conditions, eg. Humidity.


Q: I’m a light sleeper, does the MkII make any noise?
A: No, the MKII is completely silent as it does not require a fan to emit the small biologically active negative ions of oxygen.


Q: I can hear a tick tick sound coming from the ioniser when it is turned on. Is this normal?
A1: You have turned the ion output up too high for your circumference
A2: Your Elanra is too close to something metal such as clock, lamp and the ions are earthing, making the tick tick sound
A3: Solution: reposition your Elanra or remove metal objects or decrease the ion output.


Q: I want to use my MkII in my bedroom, where should I set it up?
A: For two people sharing a bed, the best place for your MkII is on a wooden stool or table at the foot of your bed. The MkII should be placed level with your head (that is above the bed covers) so that the oxygen ions have a clear line to your face.


Q: Do I need to leave the Ionizer on all day?
A: The MkII starts to produce its beneficial negative ions of oxygen as soon as you turn it on, and requires approximately five minutes to ionize an average size bedroom. We recommend you turn on your Ionizer as you prepare to get into bed. keep it on for the duration of each sleep period. turn it off when you wake to go about your day. The Ionizer does not need to be left on if there is no one in the room.


Q: How do I know when it’s time to replace the Ionising needles?
A: Your Elanra will tell you when it’s time to replace the needles. The green light on the display panel on the front of your ioniser will change to orange. We recommend you change the needles at this point. If the indicator remains on orange too long, it will turn to red and you will not be receiving the therapeutic benefits intended with this device.


Q: Does the Ionizer need to be reset after changing the needles?
A: Yes, please read the instructions for changing needles on this website or on the card attached to your new replacement needles.


Q: How do I clean the casing?
A: As the casing on the MKII is specially formulated, only blue window cleaner or a damp cloth should be used to clean your Ioniser. Any other cleaning products will affect the casing and void the manufacturer’s warranty.


Q: I think I broke my MKII needle.
A: You have accidentally separated the needle from the gold lined holder, all you need to do is simply push the pieces together again (blunt end first).


Q: I have lost a needle, will my Elanra work with less than 4 needles?
A: Yes, not no less than 2.


Q: I have noticed there is a brown or black fallout around and on the machine.
A: The Elanra removes everything in the air to point 0.1 microns (invisible pollution). This pollution is classified in 2 areas.
i) black fallout is usually petro carbons ie, car and truck exhaust fumes.
ii) brown fallout is usually industrial pollutants like sulphur oxides etc.


Q: Can I wear the ELANRA Air while sleeping?
A: ELANRA Air provides you with the health benefits associated with inhaling negative ions of oxygen as you go about your day. Whilst the Pendant is recommended to assist with sleep on aircraft where you are sitting up, it is NOT recommended for use in bed. If the top of the Pendant is obscured by bedding during the night, the negative ions of oxygen cannot be inhaled and therefore no therapeutic benefit will be gained.


Q: Is there any benefit in placing the ELANRA Air on my side table while I sleep?
A: No, the Pendant must be worn to receive any benefit.