Chronic Oxygen Deprivation is the Cause of Cancers and Other Degenerative Diseases

Oxygenate your body to reduce cancer risks

Irrefutable Scientific Truth: Chronic Oxygen Deprivation is the Cause of Cancers and Other Degenerative Diseases…Are you getting Enough Oxygen?

Learn the One Easy Way to Dramatically Increase Your Oxygen Intake to Prevent Cancers and Other Diseases

Chronic Oxygen Deprivation is a precursor to cancers and other degenerative diseases, and in today’s modern world, not getting enough oxygen is a common problem that affects almost all of us. This may not be immediately apparent, but scientific research show conclusively that the composition of the air in our modern environments is typically unnatural, imbalanced and lacking in natural negative ions of oxygen which are essential to all living organisms.


What are negative ions of oxygen? These are basically minute oxygen molecules that carry a negative electrical charge. They exist in abundance in natural healthy environments and are mainly generated by the Earth through the breakdown of naturally occurring traces of radium on the earth’s crust into radon gas. This happens naturally in response to streams of positively charged hydrogen ions from the sun and this interaction results in the formation of the atmosphere as we know it.

Breaking News: Residents of the Earth are not getting enough oxygen!

Natural healthy air has an ion balance of about five positive ions to four negative ions and it is in this natural ion ratio that life exists and thrives. The air we breathe should contain nature’s original balance of ions but the air in our homes, workplaces and city streets is far from ideal. Pollution, air conditioning, electrical fields from various devices and vapors given off by synthetic materials severely deplete negative air ions, leaving an imbalance in the atmosphere.


A recent study conducted by researchers from Manchester University concluded that cancer, the number killer in the world today, is a man-made disease, caused by environmental factors such as pollution and diet. The team examined hundreds of mummified bodies, fossil records and classical medical literature spanning three thousand years and found that cancer was indeed rare in ancient times. It was not until the 17th century that the first case of cancer was reported. Alarmingly, the rate of cancer occurrence has increased dramatically during the 20th century and today 41 percent of all adults will develop cancer in their lifetime, according to the American Cancer Society.


As early as the 1930s, science recognized the importance of small negative ions to the health and wellbeing of living things. Laboratory tests over decades in many different countries have demonstrated that in an atmosphere depleted of small negative ions, bacteria flourished, laboratory animals became lethargic and developed illnesses, and human subjects became irritable, argumentative and depressed. An atmosphere completely devoid of negative ions will actually result in the death of laboratory animals, as scientists in the former USSR discovered.


Nature’s negative ions are necessary for the absorption of oxygen into our bodies for the production of energy through the process of respiration. Ion deficient air in our cities makes it impossible for the body to take in sufficient oxygen for optimal health.

Cancer Cells Develop When Normal Cells Are Deprived of Oxygen

When a body cell does not get sufficient oxygen, it has no energy. A survival mechanism kicks in. The cell stops depending on oxygen and starts fermenting sugar to make energy. Lactic acid, a waste product of that fermentation process further deprives the cell of oxygen. This is the beginning of cancer development. Cancer cells are just normal cells that have developed an alternative pathway for metabolizing and creating energy because they cannot get enough oxygen for normal aerobic respiration.


In 1931, Dr Otto Warburg won the noble Prize in Physiology for proving that viruses cannot proliferate or exist in a highly oxygenated environment. This is due to the fact that viruses are anaerobic, which mean they thrive in the absence of oxygen. Dr Warburg also state that the prime cause of cancer is oxygen deprivation at the cellular level, as cancer cells are also anaerobic. They cannot survive in an oxygen-rich environment. So by getting more oxygen into our bodies, cancer cannot develop.


Negative Oxygen Ions destroy Disease Germs

A weakened immune system occurs when the human body lacks oxygen, thereby allowing pathogenic microbes to breed. On the other hand, a highly oxygenated body is a hostile environment for disease germs. Thus to dramatically reduce the risk of cancers and other diseases in our lives, it is imperative that we increase our oxygen intake by inhaling oxygen ion-rich air consistently. And this can be achieved by ionizing the air that we breathe with a therapeutic, medical grade air ionizer.


Negative ion generators are also useful as air cleaners since negative ions actually kill airborne viruses and bacteria before they reach your body. Even antibiotic resistant bacteria do not stand a chance against negative ions and are completely eliminated in hospital trials using air ionizers. Internally, when negative ions are ingested through inhalation, they enable oxygen to be delivered throughout the body, increasing tissue oxygen levels, improving energy, boosting immunity and destroying abnormal cells. Normal cells which depend on oxygen for optimal function thrive and become healthier. A strengthened immune system also helps the body to ward of diseases and heal itself.


Today, air ionization is increasingly popular as an effective means to increase oxygen intake by restoring a healthy ion balance to the air that we breathe. In our 21st century world where the air is perpetually ion deficient, it is important that we take matters into our own hands and generate the necessary oxygen ions with a medical grade ion generator to support the cellular activities of our bodies. With well-oxygenated bodies we can significantly reduce the risk of contracting cancers and other man-made disease that are brought about by chronic oxygen deprivation.


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