How To Oxygenate Your Body For Optimal Health

How to oxygenate the body

2 Simple Ways To Greatly Oxygenate Your Body For A Long & Disease-Free Life

“Strictly speaking, both oxygen and water are to be treated as foods, for of all the supplies on which the body are dependent, they are chief.” (McCarrison R, Nutrition and Health, 1961)

When we speak about nutrition, most of us immediately think about food, However, food is not the most important nutrient, the number one nutrient is oxygen. We can live without oxygen for only 7 minutes. Without water, we can live up to 4 days. Without food, an average of 21 days.

A lack of a continuous, supply of oxygen will cause our body’s internal organs to degrade, become diseased and age fast. However, the shocking truth is that most of us suffer to some extent from chronic oxygen deprivation.

We are oxygen deprived!

Scientists have discovered that prehistoric atmosphere is 38 percent oxygen compared to our current 21%.[1] Atmospheric oxygen levels are getting lower and lower due to the destruction of our forests, pollution and industrialization.

“Ions are the invisible essential of life.” Joshua Shaw, ion researcher and inventor

Not only that, negative air ion concentration has also diminished in major cities of the world. Our indoor air is gravely ion depleted as well. Ions are tiny charged molecules that are essential to life on Earth. Charged oxygen molecules, or oxygen ions, sustain life as they are bio-available and are readily absorbed into the bodies of all living things. Without ions we cannot assimilate oxygen in quantities needed to live.

So, we are simply NOT getting as much oxygen as our human bodies were designed for! Until we address this deficiency, we will pay heavily with our health and quality of life.

Why oxygen is vital for a long disease-free life

Oxygen is required for respiration by all 100 trillion cells in our body. Through the process of respiration, the body uses oxygen to produce packets of energy (ATP) which are needed for basic cellular activities such as cell repair and the manufacture of proteins, enzymes, hormones and neurotransmitters. Since our body runs on energy, the lower the level of oxygen, the lower the efficiency of our minds and bodies.

The brain requires more oxygen than any other organ in the body? If the brain doesn’t get enough oxygen the result can be slow-wittedness, sluggish thinking, negativity, depression, irritability, and the decline of vision and hearing.

Natural doctors agree that the primary cause of all disease is linked in one way or another to oxygen deficiency.

A well oxygenated body is inhospitable to disease germs

A well oxygenated body is extremely hostile to disease germs. In 1931, Dr Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize in Physiology for proving that viruses cannot proliferate or exist in a highly-oxygenated environment. This is due to the fact that viruses are anaerobic; that is, they thrive in the absence of oxygen. On the other hand, an environment rich in negative oxygen ions disallows the proliferation of germs and infections.

A well oxygenated body resists cancer

Moreover, the prime cause of cancer is oxygen deprivation at the cellular level. Studies have shown that when oxygen was withheld from cells they could turn into cancer cells. Cancer cells cannot survive in an oxygen-rich environment.

A well oxygenated body has strong immunity

A weakened immune system also occurs when the human body lacks oxygen, thereby allowing pathogenic microbes to breed. On the other hand, a highly oxygenated body is a less hospitable environment for opportunistic microbes.

We are chronically oxygen deficient!

Researchers have discovered that the human body was designed to grow and operate at a 50% stronger concentration of oxygen than what’s currently available. We are chronically oxygen deficit and that is a major contribution to the proliferation of modern day diseases. Increasing the amount of oxygen in our body can only benefit our body. When we are receiving an amply supply of oxygen we can expect every part of our body to function optimally. We will enjoy

  • mental clarity
  • an invincible immune system
  • a youthful appearance
  • boundless energy
  • optimism & enthusiasm
  • alleviation of symptoms of allergies
  • reversal of disease symptoms

How to oxygenated our body

The most effective ways to oxygenate our body are through the air we breathe and the water we drink. Good quality air is rich in negative ions of oxygen. Good quality water has an abundance of dissolved oxygen, which exist as ions or negatively charged oxygen (02) and activated oxygen (03) molecules.

1) Consistently breathe good quality air that is rich in negative ions of oxygen

It is essential to create a safe, natural & healthy indoor environment. This is imperative if you live in an area that is plagued with perennial air pollution, typical of many cities today. Besides having indoor plants known for their air cleaning properties, installing a medical grade air ioniser and running it continuously in the home will significantly improve indoor air quality with distinct health benefits.

A genuine air ioniser supplies an abundance of electrons or negative ions that charge atmospheric oxygen molecules to greatly oxygenate the body. When negative oxygen ions are ingested through inhalation, they enable oxygen to be delivered throughout the body, increasing tissue oxygen levels and killing disease causing microorganisms.

Normal cells, however, which depend on oxygen for optimum function and viability, thrive and become healthier. Because of an increase in the oxygen supply, the immune system is boosted, thereby enabling the body to ward off diseases and heal itself.

To create a healthy indoor environment, browse our range of genuine air ionisers here!

drinking oxygenated water

2) Drink lots of natural water that is rich in dissolved ionic minerals and oxygen.

Other than breathing, water is the medium which delivers nutrients and oxygen to our cells. When water is consumed, dissolved oxygen is absorbed by diffusion and osmosis through the cells in the stomach and intestines and enters the circulation system through the portal vein.

Oxygen that is delivered to the body through drinking, can perform all the same functions as the oxygen absorbed through the lungs. Studies showed that oxygen rich water assists the body in removing toxins and man made chemicals as well as increase oxygen levels to bring about significant improvement in blood and immune system function.[2]

By drinking a lot of water, we can give the oxygen access to our body’s cells and begin to enjoy vibrant health. Dissolved oxygen in water coexists as oxygen ions with other ionic minerals in natural water. But most waters that we drink are devoid of ionic minerals so the water does not deliver the oxygen.

Creating Oxygenated Water With Nature’s Ionic Minerals

Natural spring water is the best kind of water to drink as they are high in ionic mineral and oxygen content. We can also create healing, oxygen rich water in our homes by restoring ionic minerals to our drinking water.

Adya Clarity, an ionic sulfate mineral solution extracted from black mica, is a superior mineral extract which can transform our water into oxygenated, fresh tasting mineral water with toxins removed. Not only does it provide a full spectrum of necessary minerals, it infiltrates the water with an abundance of dissolved oxygen (O2) and activated oxygen (O3). Drinking Adya Clarity treated water will help oxygenate your body for increased respiration leading to improved functionalities of all your body systems and vibrant good health.

To create nature’s oxygenated water, get Adya Clarity minerals extract here!

So while you seek out good organic food and nutritional supplements for your family, do not neglect the more important aspects of good quality air and water which are your main sources of the vital nutrient, oxygen!


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