Australian Survey Of ELANRA Users

Executive Summary of Australian Wide Survey Of ELANRA Users (2009)

Customer Survey Results

93% of Customers Actively Recommend the Elanra

In an independent Australia-wide survey of users of the Elanra Medical Ionizers conducted in August 2009 by Osborne International Sydney, 93% of respondents indicated that they either had or will in future recommend the Elanra to others.

Self-report mailed surveys were sent to recent purchasers of the Elanra Ionizers throughout Australia, and 973 respondents completed and returned the survey. Men and women were almost equally represented. Almost ½ were aged between 50-70 years, 30 were under 50 and 23% were aged over 70. More than ¼ had more than one Elanra Ionizer.

Respondents overwhelmingly consider their use of the Elanra therapeutic Ionizer has positively affected their health, and the range of benefits reported upon was extremely diverse.

Of those stated they had experienced improvement in their health, ¼ reported that they had gained 100% or substantial improvement. Many wrote of their full recoveries from health problems such as asthma, allergies or sinus and other respiratory illnesses.

The following are extracts of the report with comments of respondents and their use of the Elanra for purposes classified into broad categories.

Air treatment

Most respondents commented on the contribution of the Elanra Ionizer to cleaning the air of pollutants such as cigarette smoke, carbon monoxide fumes from nearby roads, dust from industrial areas, pollens and even crop spraying.

There is a marked difference in the air quality in the bedroom with the Elanra compared to our other bedrooms without Elanra. Male (558)

I live with a smoker and we have open fires and the Elanra cleans the air and make breathing easier. Female (891)

Our area is quite dusty and I have found the Elanra keeps the dust levels down in the main usage areas of our home. Male (046)

Better Sleep

2/3 of respondents had specifically purchased the Elanra Ionizer to help give them better sleep or overcome sleep problems and snoring in particular. A total of 88% registered improvement in their condition.

Living in the tropics with air-conditioning on all the time I feel very poorly on waking unless I use the Elanra. Using the Elanra I only require 6 hour sleep – without it I would need 8 hours. Female (202)

I am able to sleep better without waking several times. No more dry mouth and crusty nasal passages. I no longer snore. Female (512)

Sleeping better. First time in years waking without blocked and stuffy nose. Allergies generally better. Have just ordered 2nd pendant. Female (322)

Boost Immune system

One of the most usual purposes for the purchase of the Elanra Ioniser was to boost the Immune System. It is notable that this was one area where over 90% recorded that they had experienced an improvement as a result of their use of the Elanra.

By boosting my immune system I have not suffered from the usual colds & flu. Female 60 years (567)

Help with night time sleeping and breathing, covers stress relief and boosts my immune system. Has made sure I don’t get pneumonia which was always a big risk for me. Male, Parkinsons sufferer (971)

My Elanra is used to boost my immune system to help heal my cancer. I find it helps with the pain of treatment and I have a good nights sleep. I wouldn’t be without it. Female 64 years (550)

Stress Relief

Many respondents, especially younger people, wrote of purchasing the Elanra to assist them to cope with stressful situations or constant stress and anxiety. Almost 90% of respondents had gained relief from stress and anxiety as a result of the use of the Elanra Ionizer.

The Elanra has improved my stress levels, concentration and general well being  This product has really changed my life for the better. Male 25 years (601)

After 3 months use I am completely off any medication for stress and anxiety. My family and I are so grateful. Female 43 years (011)

Generally reduces stress and tension when busy in my small office environment. Think it reduces ill health as well. Female 51 years (190)

Sinus Relief

Many respondents wrote of their difficulty breathing and their concern about environmental pollution which contribute to sinus problems in particular as well as other allergies. 87% of those who had purchased the Elanra ioniser for sinus relief had gain improvement and in some cases complete recovery from their sinus problem.

Effective for chronic sinus relief, boosts my mental alertness and immune protection. Previously was always sick and on antibiotics every winter. Feel much better now I have the Elanra. Female 66 years (353)

No more sinus operations. No more headaches from sinus. Male 56 years (307)

Before I bought the Elanra I had constant sinus. Now I rarely have sinus problems, and if I do they are for shorter periods. Female 35 years (274)

Hay Fever & Allergies

Many respondents spoke of the long term distress that hay fever and allergies had caused. Almost 90% of those who purchased the Elanra Ionizer to assist with hay fever and allergies had gained benefit and improvement in their condition.

My sinus and allergies had improved undoubtedly. I am so glad I purchased your Elanra. Thank you. Female 49 years (651)

Even when taking antibiotics my hay fever was chronic, but after 3 hours with Elanra the hay fever symptoms disappear for the rest of the day. Male 66 years (297)

I am very sensitive to all kinds of pollens and allergens. I feel with Elanra the air is clean and fresh and I sleep better/ Good products. Female 56 years (618)

Support for Chronic Illnesses

Many respondents reported that the Elanra Ionizer was purchased for the purpose of coping with chronic illnesses. Their comments demonstrate the range and extent of benefits which they had experienced from using the Elanra during some very difficult and debilitating situations.

I have had two major hospital events in the last two years – double knee replacement and leukemia. I used the MkII on both occasions. No significant pain with knees despite doctor’s expectations and quicker and better trip through very heavy chemo. The doctors were very surprised. Male 70 years (394)

As a diabetic I need immune support, good sleep and rich oxygen. The Elanra makes a positive difference. Male 65 years (399)

Fabulous in keeping my daughter with CF out of hospital and clearing her lungs. No hospitalization for four years since buying the Elanra. Male 53 years (387)

Pain Relief

Many wrote of sometimes many years of difficulty coping with chronic pain. Some were concerned that what they had experienced were worrying negative effects from continual taking of strong pharmaceutical preparations. 4 out of 5 respondents who had purchased the Elanra Ionizer to assist with pain relief reported that they had experience improvement in their levels of pain which they attributed to their use of the ionizer.

Eliminated pain quickly from burns. Eliminated headaches and sinus. Improved stamina and concentration. Helped with my immune system & meditation. Excellent product Thank you. Female 42 years (508)

Helped healing my husband when he had a bad accident. No need of pain killers, just Elanra. Female 72 years (642)

I use mine for pain relief. I have also used the MkII by holding it close to my nose and mouth breathing in the ‘fresh air’. It calms me. Female 60 years (251)

Overcoming Colds and Flu

Almost one third of respondents stated that use of the Elanra Ionizer had greatly reduced their incidence and certainly the duration of colds and flu. Altogether 93% of respondents stated that their use of the Elanra Ionizer had contributed to their resistance and recovery from colds and flu. Some stated that they had been entirely free from such problems despite their friends or family or people in their workplace suffering serious flu.

Helped me get over the flu in record time. Feel more alert when driving and I get better sleep. I wear the pendant when out around people. Female 57 years (588)

As well as breathing clearly during the night, at the first sign of a cold I breathe closely from the Elanra white Mark II for 5 or 10 minutes. Since we bought the machine 2 years ago neither my husband nor myself has had one cold or flu. We are sure it has contributed to our good health and our mental clarity which is so important as we are both in our 70s. Female 78 years (943)

The most notable is that I never catch colds or viruses any more. Male 60 years (592)

Overcoming Asthma

More than one hundred respondents had purchased the Elanra Ionizer specifically to assist them or very often their children to gain relief from asthma. Of these respondents, 93% reported that they had experienced improvement in their asthma or their child’s or children’s asthma which they attributed to their use of the Elanra Ionizer.

My children’s health is important. My son’s asthma was the reason I got the MkII. I believe it has helped his asthma. He hasn’t had an attack for 18 months. Female 33 years (488)

I have bought one for my granddaughter and it has certainly helped her asthma which was acute at times. Female, 79 years (926)

Asthma attacks few and far between. I cannot even remember the last attack. No longer trouble with breathing. Male 56 years (892)

Special Help For Children

Many respondents had purchased the Elanra Ionizer to help particular conditions suffered by their children. More than 12% of people surveyed indicated that the Elanra Ionizer was used specifically for their children and wrote of the benefits it had brought to them.

Our little boy (aged 3) was born with a heart condition. He had an operation when he was eight months old. The Elanra has always been by his side and he recovered extremely well and is very bright and he also really loves his Elanra. Female 32 years (283)

My 10 year old had trouble breathing at night. The first night with the MkII and she was so quiet I had to check she was breathing at all. I am very happy! Male 64 years (949)

Increased energy and mental output for my children. Both girls are sharp mentally as a result of Elanra use. Also better quality sleep. Female 55 years (474)

For Car & Air Travel

Of the respondents who indicated that their purchase of the Elanra Ionizer had been specifically to assist them in car and air travel, 94% reported better travel experience including improved alertness during driving, improved in-flight sleep, elimination of jet lag and reduction in air-borne infections.

Great to protect us against colds & flu, especially when travelling by air or having to stay in moldy rooms. It has kept us 100% well, even where we have stayed in relatives homes & they all had colds & flu and we remained well using our Elanra. Female doctor 42 years (209)

Great for travel on planes and to avoid jet lag on long flights. Good for stressful situations such as driving a car. Good for using computer. Female 49 years (018)

Fantastic help in long car journeys with two dogs in the car. Significant reduction in odour, dust in vehicle (have used it in 3 long journeys to date). Also gives me improved quality of sleep and rest at night. Female 68 years (484)

For Study & Concentration

Younger people in particular and people living in the city had been more likely to purchase the Elanra Ionizer to assist their study and concentration. Interestingly more than 90% reported that they had gained an improvement as a result of using the Elanra Ionizer  Some people particularly commented on how it had assisted them working for long hours on the computer or in crowded and heavily air conditioned offices.

I find it helps me concentrate at work and helps me avoid the colds and flu going round the office. I lent it to a colleague for his workstation for one day. He had always been very dismissive about my Elanra, but he was reluctant to give it back. Male 38 years (920)

I have found it great to help me stay focused when reading. Better sleep and helps my stress levels. Male 48 years (505)

My Elanra was initially purchased for sleep and improved health. I found added benefit when I used it in the office, concentration much improved. Now I have them in the study areas as well as the office and the bedroom. Many thanks. Female 54 years (440)


Consistent and continual use of the Elanra demonstrably had most beneficial effects on people’s health. Respondents who use the Elanra Ionizer consistently reported the highest level of health improvement. Many users who initially purchased the ionizer for a particular health condition also discovered improvements in other areas.

It works!!! Great ally in restoring health and maintaining immune system. I love the “fresh air” I receive and can rely on. Female 56 years (884)

Deeper sleep and more energy. Chronic cough disappeared after few months of Elanra use. Female 46 years (361)

Our family functions better in that our family needs less sleep and is less fatigued. The air is cleaner and my wife has less asthma attacks which is most important. Male 36 years (396)