Asthma Results With Elanra

 Outperformed Pure Oxygen

“During an acute asthma attack requiring hospitalization the Elanra outperformed pure oxygen in restoring my daughter’s blood oxygen levels. Thank you.”

Female 29 years (500)

No Attack in 18 Months!

“My children’s health is important. My son’s asthma was the reason I got the MKII. I believe it has helped his asthma. He hasn’t had an attack for 18 months.”

Female 33 years (488)

Helped My Granddaughter’s Acute Asthma!

“I have bought one for my granddaughter and it has certainly helped her asthma which was acute at times.”

Female, 79 years (926)

Better Sleep & No More Asthma!

“I find that my sleep is better. I had mild asthma but now its gone. I think for asthma it is very good.”

Male 32 years (916)

Can’t Remember the Last Attack

“Asthma attacks few and far between. I cannot even remember the last attack. No longer trouble with breathing.”

Male 56 years (892)

Breathe Easy!

“I find the Elanra improves my daughter’s energy, her sleep is more restful, reduces allergies and asthma. It helps to calm her and relieves stress. She feels much more relaxed and can breathe easier.”

Female 34 years (356)

No longer Using Inhaler At Night!

“I am writing to let you know that my mother bought my daughter, Talia, an Elanra for her asthma. We are very pleased to let you know that Thalia’s asthma has improved. In fact, Thalia no longer needs to use her inhaler at night times. She sleeps through the night whereas she used to have broken sleep where she was wheezy. On the occasions she hasn’t used he Elanra she has found her sleep is broken. She now takes her Elanra with her wherever she goes! I would definitely recommend the Elanra to anyone who suffers with asthma.”

Mrs Andreou-Rolfe, Kent, England