User Testimonials Of Elanra Ionisers

Improved Respiration

“I bought it when I didn’t feel well. I had some respiratory problems – it felt like I wasn’t getting enough oxygen at that time. It seemed that Elanra helped me to get back to normal. When I was using it I felt the difference.”

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Programmability for Personalized Benefits 

“I did a lot of research before buying and the Elanra range is unlike anything else. I love the fact it does more than just clean the air, the ionised oxygen actually improves your health – the fact I can change the settings to make it programmable for the needs of my family makes me feel I’m getting personalized health benefits. Whilst my husband and I use the other model in our bedroom, I wouldn’t be without the ELanra MKIII for the kids!”

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Keep My Kids’ Defenses Up

Amazing product, we use this model for our kids and it keeps their defenses up against all the bugs going around creche and school! Worked a treat for my little boy’s sleep – sleeps all through the night now. Love it!

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Helped with Sleep Apnea and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

“After buying my MKII Ionizer, it was almost overnight that I noticed a difference.
I have suffered with Sleep Apnea and CFS for the past 12 years and after the very first night with my MKII I noticed that I slept for more than 4 hours straight, which is amazing for me. From that point, it got better and better. By the end of the first month I was sleeping between 5-7 hour blocks and I was waking up in the morning feeling rested and my body wasn’t aching as much, which in turn made me and everyone else around me much happier. It’s been over 2 years now and I sleep like a normal person again. I can go a whole day without needing to lie down because I’m either so tired or in so much pain and for me its the best feeling in the world. Thank you Elanra.”

Mavis, Australia

Relief From Colds, Stomach Distress & Headaches…And Better Sleep!

“I have been using the Elanra for three months. During this time I have found relief from colds, stomach distress and headaches. I am sleeping better, awake more rested and have not had to use asthma medications since I began using the Elanra.”

Ruth R. Ph.D.Maine, USA

Love the Clean Air

“I’ve been running my Elanra ioniser for about 10 years now, and I still love the crystal clean air in my room after its been on…!”

Simon Hart

Deep Sleep and Got Well Quickly from Flu

“Just thought I would let you know the results so far from our Elanra:

  • The children are sleeping very deeply.
  • Vania, our daughter aged 5, does not snore anymore. The snoring lessened on the first night’s use. Her tonsils are slowly coming down in size.
  • My husband works shift work, and on night shift used the Elanra in our bedroom, he actually slept for more than 2 hours at a time (his usual sleep pattern on night shift). That week he slept for 5-7 hours straight and fell into a very deep and relaxing sleep.
  • When we purchased the Elanra we were all suffering at different degrees from the flu virus that was going around town. We all got better rapidly, while many of our friends and family were sicker and for much longer.

Thank you very, very much.”


Highly Recommend For Health Issues

“I HAVE BEEN USING THE MACHINE FOR APPROX 4 YRS And have never looked back purchased one for my mum and also a pendant to travel with . I highly recommend this product if you have any health issue or the aim of well being through life.thank you to the gentleman who designed this wonderful aid.”

Ann lopresti

Thank you

“Thank you for sharing such great information with us. I really appreciate everything that you’ve done here and am glad to know that you really care about the world that we live in.”


My Daughter Beats Cancer

“My 8 year old step-daughter beat Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia with the help of the Elanra Air Pendant. It helped her deal with the effects of chemotherapy, and gave her a more uplifted feeling. Thank you for this life saving product!”

Craig Steele

No more Breathing Difficulties

“I am now 55 years old, I have been using the Elanra Medical ioniser for the past ten year. When I was at my early forties, I suffered from breathing problems, specially during the night. Sometimes I even woke up at night due to breathing difficulties. I was worried that one day I may not wake up at all as I suffered greatly during these episodes. But now I am free from this problem since I have Elanra Medical ioniser beside my bed to help me. My husband comments that I look healthy after using the ioniser. Thank you for this miracle machine which saved my health and my life.”

Chong Chin Ha, Singapore

Elanra Helped my daugter’s asthma

“I am writing to let you know that my mother bought my daughter, Talia, an Elanra for her asthma.
We are very pleased to let you know that Thalia’s asthma has improved. In fact, Thalia no longer needs to use her inhaler at night times. She sleeps through the night whereas she used to have broken sleep where she was wheezy. On the occasions she hasn’t used he Elanra she has found her sleep is broken. She now takes her Elanra with her wherever she goes! I would definitely recommend the Elanra to anyone who suffers with asthma.”

 Mrs Andreou-Rolfe, Kent, England

Breathe Easier

“We bought our first MK11 and air pendant on 21 Jan 2012. The MK11 is placed in my son’s room. He uses it every night. Every night when I stepped into his air-conditioned room the air is very fresh and my nasal passages will be totally cleared.”

 Mel Loy, Singapore

Brilliant Product, Fantastic Follow-up Service

‘Recently I purchased a portable Elanra ioniser and it is one of the most brilliant products I have ever bought!  My thanks go to you Joshua for creating such a brilliant product and for providing such fantastic follow-up service.”

 K.S. Western Australia

Not getting colds & Influenza

“Since we got the Elanra ionizer, neither my wife nor I have been sick. This is quite remarkable. People all around us are getting colds, influenza, intestinal infections and none of it seems to touch us. I can only attribute this astounding run of good health to the Elanra Ionizer in our bedroom.”

J B, Sweden

Elanra was the Only Air Treatment Device that Helped My Wife’s Cough 

“I have a Austin purifier, a local purifier (which I discarded because it emitted strong ozone smell) and a Japanese ioniser. The Austin and Japanese ioniser did a good job of purifying the air but did not help my wife much. She usually gets extended coughs after bouts of colds or flu. She never fails to get infections during the Christmas and Chinese New Year holidays every year and usually gets into weeks of coughing.

The Elanra was expensive but I did extensive research that it is a medical device not just and purifier nor a ioniser. It emits negative ions of breathable oxygen. That tipped the scale for me to purchase it to try out and I bought 2 Elanras in Dec.

The first few days, we were unable to sleep peacefully. It is like the brain was awake. After 3 days, it was deep sleep. The most noticeable effect was my wife does not get infection easily during the Christmas and Chinese new year holidays like in previous years. She had 1 infection, recovered quickly . The most significant was she did not develop any cough at all.”

 Stephen Chua, Singapore

Deep Sleep

“I have been using your ionizer for the past one year. I started using it for body pain. I am finding remarkable improvement in pain and immunity issues.
My husband is a poor sleeper. After we started using he is having deep sleep.”

Jayanthi Bhalaji, Singapore

Improved Respiratory Health 

“I started using the Elanra Air Pendant over 2 years ago and I found it to be helpful for my personal respiratory problems. Since young, I have struggled with poor respiratory health, falling sick with colds or flu quite regularly. The Elanra Air Pendant helped to strengthen my respiratory health significantly and I did not succumb to seasonal colds as easily.

Later on, I bought the Elanra MKII Air Ioniser for my bedroom. Both my wife and I have been able to sleep better as the air quality in the room has improved. Whenever either of us feels unwell, we can receive intensive therapy by placing the MK II near our face, in order to breathe in large amounts of healthy anions directly. This always helps us to feel a big improvement in our symptoms in a couple of minutes, be they itchy eyes, blocked nose or scratchy throats.”

Mark Chen, SIngapore 

My nose is not blocked anymore

“The Elanra is very good for my breathing. My nose is not blocked when I am sleeping at night, I was very ill with wheezing for many years and I could not breathe. I was uncomfortable when the Elanra was not there, I am very comfortable now .When I am doing my schoolwork at night, I don’t feel sleepy. Thank you mum for buying the Elanra. I want to thank the inventor of the Elanra also.”

Joel (8 years old)

Elanra boosts my immunity during chemo treatment

“I have been surprised at my reaction to the Chemotherapy. I always go in strapped to the portable Elanra, and at no stage have I suffered nausea, or any major discomforts. It would be untrue to say that the treatments are a breeze, but I have had minimal problems and all the medical staff are very happy with my reaction. Accumulative fatigue is common and has been a constant companion, but I only reflect what it would be like to have not had the benefits of the Elanra, and have suffered vomiting, nausea, and other common side effects. As you know the immune system is very low with chemotherapy. I am delighted that so far I have not been ill, or had sign of infections.”

MCP (61 years old)

Elanra Stops Colds In School

“The ioniser in the schoolroom has really kept the children clear of the usual, expected infections during the past winters. In a small group of children such as ours, we expected colds to do the rounds during the winter. But since we got the ioniser, the absences have dropped noticeably. In fact, it looks as if infections, if they occur to any extent, happen during the holidays, or right in the beginning of term. Attendance figures are excellent mid-term, which certainly wasn’t the case before we had the machine.”

Mrs Pat McDonald, teacher at nursery school, Turnbridge Wells, Kent

No more sinus or allergy or menopausal symptoms

“After two weeks of purchasing the ELANRA, I have had no sinus problems or allergy problems and my ears are at last clear of all infection.As an extra bonus I found I no longer need hormone treatment for menopause as all symptoms have disappeared and my skin has cleared up, it was very blotchy in the past and the doctors had no idea why my skin would come up in itchy lumps.”

Mrs J Pulsford

No more hay fever and allergies; Hormones back on track

“My son bought the Elanra MKII Therapeutic Ioniser and soon after, I bought mine.
I got mine for the problems I was having, which were allergies hay fever and hormonal discomfort. Within some weeks my hormones that were out of balance had returned to normal and no more hay fever and allergies. My health is improving all the time.”

Maureen Graves, Gilgandra, NSW  

Flu Free

“My Elanra therapeutic Ioniser has helped me to get better quality sleep. I am in peri-menopause and as a result am up and down several times during the night. Using the Elanra therapeutic Ioniser has helped me to sleep deeper and awake refreshed. As an added bonus, I have been “flu free” since using the ioniser.”

Beth Buonanno. Denver, Colorado

Improvement in Insomnia and Hormonal Imbalances

“Previous to its use, I had been having trouble with insomnia and hormonal imbalances for about five years. Since using the Elanra, I have shown a marked improvement in both area.”

Carolyn Watkins. Parkside,SA