Users Testimonials of Comtech Ionisers

Woke Up With Clear Head, No Stuffiness

“I put the negative ion box in our bedroom and it has been there since. For the past two mornings Jeff and I have woke up with clear heads! No stuffiness! You have my endorsement and it really works! Best wishes and Thanks a lot!”

Mrs. D.S., Cygnet, Ohio

Allergies Relived Immediately

“I recently purchased an ionizer with the dust grabber for my mother who was visiting. Both her and my two older daughters have allergy triggers which were relieved immediately. Upon her return to her house I moved the generator to my bedroom, where even I have noticed a distinct improvement in air quality, even though I have no allergy symptoms. But, upon using it in my own bedroom, there are no more mornings with a ‘scratchy’ throat or late night coughing spells in need of a drink of water! You can see the very fine dust particles on the dust grabber as proof of its efficiency. Most people that see it say, What is that?” with a very quizzical expression, and I can’t tell them emphatically enough how effectively it does its job. Long story short-I’m converted, convinced and would recommend it to everyone. Thank you.

Rena D. in Ohio, USA

Asthma Medication Down To Half!

“I bought 3 units and loan one to a friend, who has a son with severe asthma, that medication could not correct.
“The mom spent a lot of time in Doctor’s appointments and emergency room visits, getting prescriptions filled, and putting her son in the shower at night to breath. It affected his ability to even exercise. The child was 10 yrs old, and sometimes quite miserable.
“She set up a box in the middle of the son’s bedroom with the dust grabber on it.
“After using the machine for the last 7 months, the mother said that his medication was down to 1/2!
“Singular and Zertex are gone for the last 3 months. He is still on Buteroil and steroids when he needs it. (mostly around animals). He can exercise much better.
“She is very impressed and wants to buy the machine from me. Her son happy as can be. The only other thing her son has done is take fish oil, which has some benefit for asthma, but the parents think the machine is the real answer.
“Thanks for your products. Please abbreviate our names.

Lisa L., Minneapolis, for friend Mary H., and son Zeke O.”

Products Are Superior In Performance

“I first purchased your products over a year ago. They are excellent and unique in the field. I believe that your products are superior in performance to any others I’ve found or used. I think you’ll understand what I mean when I say that your approach is `no-nonsense.` You produce products of the highest efficiency because you will not sacrifice performance for appearance. Your products are certainly not the most `flashy` looking on the market, but as your site reports (and I, myself, have had an opportunity to test) many of the most flashy products don’t really `produce` negative ions. So, thank you for both the your products and your integrity.”

Mr. Mark G., Hazelwood, Missouri

Depression Gone!

“It has only been three days since I received your ionizer/dustgrabber and I am amazed. I have always suffered from severe depression but amazingly I am feeling well, better than I can remember. I have used it in my computer room and find I can work for hours, when I forget it I get exhausted and confused. I now carry it around the house with me from room to room. Also, I have a variety of animals here and I have been endlessly living on allergy pills. Today is the first day that I breathed without them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Ms. X.V., Ellington, Connecticut

Removes Car Exhaust Particulates From the Air

“I received 2 of your Dustgrabber units a few months ago and am happy with them, comments follow.
-I was appalled to see that my bedroom was the dirtiest in the apartment (being next to the parking lot) every time I wipe it off [the IG-133DG collectors] I see black.
-Thanks for the basic detector, it helped me determine that my old ionizer/aircleaners don’t compare; the light is on for one but nothing comes out and the other one is weak.”

Mr. Stephen S., Canada

Students drawn to the clean air around my desk

“Last year you donated an IG-133A to my classroom. I am writing to once again thank you and let you know of the positive affects of your unit in my classroom. Due to the typical set up of a classroom I was unable (and unwilling) to place the generator in the middle of the room. The only safe space for the unit to be placed was behind my desk. I immediately felt as though I felt better and the air seemed “cleaner” around my desk. While that could have been somewhat of a placebo effect, I can certainly say that much dust collected in the immediate area of the unit. Of much interest is also the fact that my students always wanted to eat lunch sitting around my desk. This could also be attributed to other factors, however, it is unusual and it has never happened before any of my classrooms. I can only imagine the positive affects that a negative ion generator could have in my classroom if it was able to distribute negative ions over a larger area.
Thank you again.”
Mr. R. A.
4th Grade Teacher
Savannah, Georgia

More Energy Better Sleep!

“I received the units and plugged them in Friday, one here at work and one at home. Already this weekend I had more energy and got a lot done – much more than usual. I slept more, but still accomplished more in the time I was awake.”

Mrs. B.D., Overland Park, Kansas

No More Sinus Headaches And Hacking Cough

“I was skeptical when I ordered the first one, and said ‘we’ll see’. My wife no longer wakes up with sinus headaches in the morning, and I don’t have that hacking cough. They’re doing something. I want to order two more.”

Mr. O.S., Missouri

Sleep Better & Mentally Sharper too! 

“Well, I have decided then to keep the unit [IG-133A] and recommend you to others. Your prompt and honest replies have been appreciated. I am QUITE relieved to have a neg ion generator again. I feel much better, sleep better and feel mentally sharper. There is NO WAY I would continue to live here in Vegas without one of these.”

Mr. J.F., Las Vegas, Nevada

Morning Pain Gone!

“The ionizer you sell has been a godsend for me. I love it. Most of my ‘morning pain’ is gone.”

Mrs. A.M., Clarksville, Maryland

No More Allergic To Cat

“Since placing your ionizer in the room where our cat stays, my visiting son-in-law who is allergic to cats had NO allergic symptoms for the first time. In the past, I vacuumed and cleaned thoroughly before he and my daughter came to stay for a few days, but it didn’t help him. It’s great”

Mrs. E.M., Bowling Green, Ohio

Headaches Gone & Better Sleep

“I am very pleased with the Ionizers. My wife has head aches at night that keeps her from sleeping, I put Ionizer in bedroom it helped some. About 10 days ago I put both units in bed room so far she has not had head aches at night and is sleeping a lot better.”

Mr. D.L., Gordonsville, Tennessee

Allergies Improved!

“I have been using your ionizer for a couple months now, and my allergies are much improved. I really noticed the difference when a guest accidentally squashed the [ SSE ion] emitter wires down to the surface and I unplugged the unit for a few days until I could get around to re-shaping them. My allergies returned with a vengeance, prompting me to make time to fix the emitter! After a day with the ionizer back up and running, I was back to ‘better’, about an 80% reduction in symptoms, which I find very pleasing.”

Mr. D.H., Kent, Washington

Amazing Relief From Allergies & Improved Sleep!

“I want to thank you for making the negative ion generator. I was very skeptical when I purchased one. For the first 3 days, it didn’t really do anything and I was very discouraged. But then I suddenly noticed that I was waking up without a stuffy nose. I also noticed that my resistance to allergens throughout the day was stronger! After at least 10 years of not sleeping well due to allergies (no allergy medicine was working for me), I suddenly have amazing relief! I don’t know exactly how this thing works or why, but it has certainly changed my life. Thank you very much!”

Mr. P.T., The Colony, Texas

Better Performance Than Honeywell HEPA

“Thus far, the unit with the long-life [CFE ion emitter] seems to be doing a great job. It’s been operating for about 9 1/2 hours now and the air seems cleaner and breathing easier. When I plugged it in I disconnected and removed my Honeywell HEPA air cleaner which only seemed to take up space, make noise, and have no effect on air quality–notwithstanding claims to the contrary. Both my wife and I definitely notice the difference. Cleaner air and a quieter room–what a great trade off. ”
Mr. R.W., Newport News, Virginia