An Effective Stress Management Tool For Better Health & Greater Productivity

Breathing fresh air reduces stress level naturally

Managing Stress with Air ionization

Fresh air helps us cope with stress. It is conventional wisdom to “take a deep breath and count to ten” before reacting to a stressful or provocative situation. The advice to “take a breather” in order to relax and unwind has always been welcomed. Deep breathing of fresh air calms frayed nerves, elevates moods and dispels anxieties.


Nature’s fresh air has an abundance of oxygen molecules that carry a negative electrical charge. They are also known as negative oxygen ions. Because of the physiological benefits experienced by those who breathe them in, these air ions are also referred to as ‘vitamins of the air’. Scientific research from around the world shows that inhaling air rich in negative ions delivers an immediate boost of oxygen to our body cells, improving respiration and increasing overall energy.


Conversely when the air that we breathe is deficient in negative ions, we suffer oxygen deprivation with serious health repercussions. Unfortunately, our indoor environments typically have ion compositions that are vastly different from those of healthy natural environments.


The modern man is constantly plagued with an overwhelming amount of stress. Experts tell us that stress often causes us to breathe shallowly and this in turn always causes more stress. Chronic stress is the precursor to almost all sickness and disease. The US government says in a research study published in the CDC website that stress is the main cause of more than 90% of illnesses. It greatly contributes to a compromised immune system which leads to conditions from allergies, frequent colds, ulcers, high blood pressure, to major illnesses, such as heart disease, stroke and cancers. Persistent stress is also linked to insomnia, addiction and obesity.


The negative emotional states associated with having too much stress are depression, anxiety and anger. While fresh oxygen-ion rich air helps dissipate these feelings, stale ion-deficient air induces stress by causing our bodies to produce bio-chemicals that whack havoc to our mental and emotional wellbeing. Perhaps the reason why many people find their jobs extremely stressful has to do with the bad air quality of our ill-ventilated indoor offices. Central air conditioning and extensive use of electrical devices and synthetic furnishings, all contribute to the depletion of oxygen ions from the air.


This is made worse by the fact that several people working together within a confined space consume negative ions as they breathe. Unless a circulation of fresh air is maintained, or a negative ion generator is used to propagate negative ions throughout the indoor environment, the office worker experiences accumulating stress as the day progresses. By the end of the day he is frequently in a pretty bad shape.


Dr Felix Gad Sulman is known internationally as one of the leaders of ion research. He discovered that prolonged exposure to air lacking in healthful negative ions causes the body to over secrete the hormone serotonin which bring about symptoms that range from inexplicable anxieties and tension, weariness, unnatural burst of hyperactivity to serious psychiatric problems. In his study, he found that subjects exposed for extended periods to indoor air with an unnatural ion balance complained of insomnia, irrational anxiety, inexplicable depression, unnamed fears, irritability, sudden panic attacks, uncertainty, aggression and bad temperedness.


So while we may think that our emotional outbursts and mental upheavals are due to a stressful job or a domestic rift, it is just as likely that the unhealthy indoor air that we breathe consistently, is the reason why we find our jobs stressful or fight with our partners in the first place.


To counter the effects of ion-deficiency in the air that we breathe, a medical grade air ionizer can be installed to restore the necessary oxygen ions to the indoor environment. It has been shown that air ionization rapidly reverses symptoms of stress. Oxygen ions normalize our internal bio-chemicals by converting excess serotonin into a harmless metabolite. Dr Sulman found that exposure to negative ions help his subjects to be more alert and relaxed with increased capability for work. Air ionization was also patented as a safe and drug free treatment for depression by the Columbia University in New York in July 1996.


While it is inevitable that many of us would experience stress in our everyday lives, the way to manage it would be to continuously neutralize and discharge the accumulating stress chemicals by breathing fresh air rich in oxygen ions. This can be accomplished by creating a healthy indoor climate with a negative ion generator. Additionally, we should also open the windows to allow fresh outside air to enter the room. Incorporating an outdoor exercise programme into our daily routine will also force us to take in lots of beneficial negative ions. However, exercising under bad atmospheric conditions is detrimental to your wellbeing.

Nature’s fresh air is that effective stress management tool for better health and productivity. The solution to a stress-free life lies in the air that we breathe.


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