Air Ionization Is A Proven & Effective Asthma Treatment

effective asthma treatmentLooking For A Natural Asthma Cure?

While seeking for an effective asthma treatment for my 4-year-old, I was told emphatically by his paediatrician that there was no cure for asthma. “But not to worry, it is a controllable disease. “ However, I abhorred the thought of having my child resigned to a lifetime dependency on a pharmaceutical crutch. And with that teeth-gritting determination common among mothers throughout all ages, I sought to help my child regain his freedom to breathe.

Asthma is the most prevalent respiratory ailment in the world and it is potentially life threatening. Worldwide, 300 million people are asthmatic with 250 000 deaths resulting from asthma each year. The academic explanation for asthma is the involuntary constriction of bronchial tubes due to inflammation of the airways with copious production of mucus.

Conventional asthma treatments involve the use of steroids to control inflammation and bronchodilators to open up airways and these are administered orally and through inhalers and nebulizers. Medical advice includes keeping away from known triggers and may involve an elaborate allergy test.

The fact is that healthy bodies do not wheeze nor do they get triggered to do anything unpleasant. The four main causes of conditions leading to asthma are

  •  a weakened immune system,
  •  a compromised gut,
  • dehydration,
  • constant exposure to ion deficient air

To overcome asthma, we should address each cause to build up a strong body that does not react inappropriately to known and unknown triggers. I remember how we used to discover a new allergen every week. After a prolonged period of ridding everything my child was sensitive to in the home, we brought him to the zoo with some other kids. That day, he came down with a vicious attack of asthma which we found out later to be due to contact with horse hair. Unless the internal chemistry is normalized and the immune system built up, there is going to be an unending hunt for unseen enemies that will leave us drained with a mounting sense of despair and the asthmatic not any bit better.

Exposure to ion deficient air is a major cause of asthma. While we are mindful to clean up air pollutants both particulate and chemical, we have often neglected to put back into the air what pollution and other atmospheric-destructive activities have taken out, namely negative ions of oxygen, that invisible essential to life. It is not just atmospheric oxygen that we need, but electrified molecules of oxygen that the body can absorb to increase respiration, oxygenate the body, rid disease germs and fortify the immune system. This is achieved by ionizing the internal environment with a therapeutic air ionizer and breathing these ingestible oxygen ions constantly, especially during sleep while the body heals and repairs itself.

Oxygen ions have a normalizing effect on the body. Breathing bad quality indoor air can actually stimulate excessive production of hormones such as blood serotonin and histamine which aggravate asthma. On the other hand, breathing oxygen ions restores the internal chemistry with subsequent regulated breathing and sense of wellbeing. Air ions also clean out airborne allergens and boost the immune system by stimulating the production of the antibody immunoglobulin A (IgA) which guards against respiratory infections.

At Pavlov Institute in Russia, scientists conducted a 30 years research into various treatments for asthma, including experiments on the potential benefits of negative ions exposure. The results were astounding, showing that 85% of patients obtained relief: 35% reported a reduction in symptoms, while an amazing 50% claimed to be completely cured! Research from Australia’s National University and St Bartholomew’s Hospital in London also showed that improved lung capacity and relief from asthma symptoms are achieved quite rapidly by exposure to small negative oxygen ions.

We have tremendous results with ionization for asthma suffers. In a recent survey of almost 1000 users of the Elanra medical ionizer, 93% of those who purchased a unit for asthma treatment reported relief from the condition. In fact, we have been getting results with exposure from 30 seconds which is the best case scenario to 9 months.

We had a show in Sydney a couple of years ago. We had waterfalls flowing, lights flashing and a room that was fully ionized. A young man came along with his girlfriend. She was blue in the face and actually suffocating. She was having an asthma attack and he had left all her drugs in the car parked about a mile away. We brought her into the ionized room, sat her down and in 30 seconds she could breathe!

In addition to providing nature’s ionized air, there are other things we should be doing to help bring the body back to balance and gradually overcome asthma completely:

  • ensuring optimal hydration of up to 8 cups of water daily
  • avoiding dairy and wheat products known to undermine gut health and cause a leaky gut
  • avoiding sugar known to promote candida which aggravate asthma symptoms
  • avoiding artificial flavour enhancers, colours and preservatives which increase the toxic burden of the asthmatic
  • increasing intake of omega 3 rich fats such as coconut oil and olive oil which are anti-inflammatory
  • eat lots of fresh organic produce which provide essential nutrients for a strong and healthy body

Finally, add lots of LOVE and trust, knowing that complete remission of asthma is routinely attained by those who know how the body works and provide the support it needs for a chance to heal.


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