Comtech Deluxe Room Air Ionisers

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Comtech Deluxe Room Air Ionisers, Model IG-133DG, (Includes Built-in Dustgrabber)

The Comtech Deluxe Room Air Ioniser Model IG-133DG is our best selling, high ion density, room negative ion generator. Designed by pioneers in air ionization, Comtech Research LLC, these air ionisers have been in the market since 1989.

The Comtech room air ioniser Model IG-133DG is an enhanced version of our first ionizer. It is a superior quality, long-lasting, highly effective, reliable, genuine negative room ionizer with the following features.

1) Optimum level of negative oxygen ions

The Comtech room air ioniser IG-133DG generates an optimum level of high-density negative ions to effectively removes particles from the air as small as .01 microns, such as pollen, dust, mold spores, pet dander, and other allergens. It is designed to handle even heavily polluted environments, especially where cigarette smoke, etc. is present. It is more effective than expensive HEPA filters or electronic air cleaners.

With Alpha Labs digital air ion counters, the ion concentration at one meter away from the emitter is measured at 1,000,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter. These measurements are done in rooms with no fans and roughly 45% humidity. Multiple readings were done at each location to ensure accuracy.

2) Efficient Air Purifying CapAbility

The ions generated by the Comtech room air ioniser IG-133DG are effectively propagated over wide distances to purify the air of up to 110 cubic meters of space.

3) No Filters Required

The ionization method of the Comtech room air ioniser requires no filter, so there’s never a need to buy or clean filters.

4) Silent Operation

The Comtech room air ioniser IG-133DG does not require noisy fans or blowers. Room air is cleaned and purified noiselessly- completely silent.

5) No Harmful Chemicals 

The Comtech room air ioniser IG-133DG uses no chemicals, perfumes or agents.

6) No Ozone, Positive Ions, EMFs 

The Comtech room air ioniser IG-133DG produces NO ozone, harmful positive ions, or EMF radiation (electromagnetic fields).

7) Reduce Or Eliminate The “Black Wall” Effect

The Comtech room air ioniser IG-133DG includes a built-in DustGrabber™ to help prevent dust or other pollution removed from the air from collecting on the surfaces around the unit. The front and rear metallic DustGrabber™ surfaces on the IG-133DG air ioniser are silver.

The built-in dust grabber significantly increases the air purification function of the air ioniser. The
unique type of electrical field on the dust grabber silently attracts more airborne particulates and allergens without generating undesirable positive ions or harmful EMF.

8) Low Energy Consumption

Running 24/7, average electricity cost is only about 10 cents a month.

9) Cute & Portable

The Comtech room air ioniser IG-133DG is very portable being only 5″ wide x 5.25″ deep x 8″ high (127mm wide X 135mm deep X 208mm high)

10) Free Negative Ion Emitter


Every Comtech room air ioniser IG-133DG Includes a long-life CFE-2 conductive filament negative ion emitter at no extra charge. This superior ion emitter is reliable and replaceable.

The long-life CFE ion emitter used in the Comtech room air ionizer IG-133DG is made from a high-tech, space-age material that is virtually maintenance-free. The CFE emitter requires no trimming, since the diameter of the fibers is almost microscopically small (only 0.8 microns).

The CFE simply plugs into the ionizer as shown.


11) 5 Year Warranty From Date Of Purchase  

Comtech Research LLC warrants the Comtech room air ioniser IG-133DG, if used in accordance with all applicable instructions, to be free from original defects in material and workmanship for a period of five full years from the date of initial purchase.

12) Priced At $399.00, Plus A Free IDN-1 ion detector per order.

Priced at $399.90, the Comtech room air ioniser IG-133DG comes in 2 colours, bone and black. Every order comes with a free IDN-1 ion detector.

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