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Why The Air Ioniser Is The Missing Link In Modern Living

The world that we live in now is vastly different from what it was just over a hundred years ago. The emergence of automobiles and factory smokestacks has shrouded major cities in perpetual haze. Air pollution has reached an all time high.

Causes Of Bad Indoor Air Quality

Indoors, the widespread use of various chemical cleaners, disinfectants and personal care products permeate the air with increasing concentration of unnatural substances which have adverse effects on our bodies. Lack of ventilation, use of air conditioning, synthetic furnishings and electrical appliances also contribute to bad indoor air quality as beneficial negative air ions are destroyed and positive ions generated through electrical disturbances.

Our living environments have become increasing unnatural leading to deteriorating health among the general population. As human beings can only thrive in an ion-rich environment, the air ionizer has become the missing link in modern living.

Our Recommendations:

At Dorea, we have tested several air ionisers and recommend the following models for domestic use. These units effectively replenish negative air ions in the home to create a better indoor climate for improved health and well being:

1) They do not produce ozone, or other toxic byproducts

Many so-called air ionizers produce ozone, and other undesirable by-products such as ions of nitrous oxides, which will make us sicker or create other health issues. Ozone, a toxic oxygen allotrope, is useful for sterilizing the air but is dangerous when inhaled.

Scientists studying the effects of ozone on the human body found that ozone irritates the respiratory system, reduces lung function, impairs the body’s immune system and aggravates asthma. It can inflame and damage the lining of the lungs and cause long-term health problems.

Our ionisers do not produce harmful ozone.

2) They do not produce positive ions

Some inferior ionisers produce positive ions as well as negative ions. When too much positive ions enter the bloodstream via the airways, they can trigger the body to release excessive amounts of serotonin and histamine which produce a range of unpleasant symptoms such as

  • migraine
  • insomnia
  • allergies, hay fever, sinus
  • lethargy
  • asthma and bronchitis
  • chemical sensitivity
  • chronic fatigue syndrome
  • stress
  • hormonal problems
  • skin problems

Our ionisers do not produce positive ions.

3) They comply with all electrical and safety standards

A device that produces air that is to be breathed into the body must be built to a stringent quality assurance standard. Air undergoes metabolic chemical reactions in the body and a machine producing air must be built to the highest standards.

4) They emit an abundance of good quality ions to provide beneficial health effects

Negatively charged oxygen molecules in the air when inhaled, enter the blood stream to oxygenate the body, boosting all the functions of the body, fortifying the immune system to ward of diseases and increase the body’s ability to heal.

5) They emit ions that effectively remove even microscopic pollutants

Negative ions transfer their electric charge to contaminants, clumping them together and causing them to fall out of the atmosphere. They are effective in removing nano sized particulates that cannot to thoroughly removed by conventional air filters.

6) They are made from good quality materials that do not outgas or degenerate

Toxic chemical out gassing will add to the discomfort of allergy sufferers. Our ionisers are made from superior materials to ensure continuous generation of good quality air ions.

7) They do not produce high levels of ELF fields 

Artificial electrical fields pose possible health risks by interfering with the cellular and metabolic functions of the human body. Our ionizers do not produce ELF levels above the proposed US EPA standard for ELF exposure of 1 milliGauess at 40cm from the device.


1) RELTEC IG-EIJ & IG-H1 Medical Ionisers:

Japanese Made Medical Grade Negative Ionisers invented by leading expert in negative ions, Ph.D. Noboru Horiguchi

2) COMTECH Deluxe Room Air Ioniser, Model IG-133DG, includes built-in dustgrabber:

Best selling ionizing air purifier developed by Comtech Research LLC USA

3) WEIN AutoMate Automobile Air Ioniser, model AS-1250B-N:

Genuine, High-Density Negative Ion Generator: Fits any lighter socket for easy installation

4) ELANRA AIR Personal Pendant Ioniser  

Australian made, On clearance sale! Only a few units left!

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