5 Steps To An Invincible Immune System

boost your immune system

Boosting The Immune System in 5 simple steps

Our immune system is our first line of defense against everything from minor infections like a cold or the flu to serious diseases like cancer. But more than ever before, our immune system is under attack by prevalent factors in our environment, such as chlorinated fluoridated water, junk food, artificial sweeteners, pollution, stress, emf exposures, pesticides, germs…

It is not possible to be optimally healthy if our immune system is compromised. As a result, we can’t afford not to give our immune systems every chance we can of functioning well.

The good news is that we can greatly boost our immune systems by following nature’s immutable ways of building up our bodies. We are made to thrive on clean air, water and nourishing food. Everything we put into and on our bodies will make or break our health.

Here are easy proven tips to boost our immune systems and enhance our health:

1. Enliven the air that we breathe

Each of us inexorably takes in 10 000 litres of air each day just to survive. We should not take this vital life support system for granted. Skyrocketing incidences of asthma, allergies and respiratory troubles point to the fact that the quality of our air, especially the air in our cities, is extremely unhealthy.

The difference between fresh air in an open natural environment and that found in stuffy polluted building is not merely academic. We physically experience the difference. We know that inhaling fresh air feels good.

Fresh air is rich in negatively charged air molecules called ions. Decades of scientific study has proven that inhaling small negative ions has positive health benefits. A 6 year research conducted in the La Trobe University in Australia showed conclusively that breathing air with a high content of negative ions boost our immune system by stimulating the body to produce the antibodies immunoglobulin A (IgA) to fight off infections.

Unfortunately the air in our cities, homes and offices are severely deficient in nature’s negative ions. This is because pollution, air conditioning systems and the electrical fields generated by appliances and other conveniences greatly destroy negative ions. The natural processes by which negative ions are produced are also thwarted in our cities.

We can enliven the air in our homes by having indoor plants, as well as ensuring sufficient ventilation. We can do this by opening windows to allow fresh air to enter. We can also install a negative air ionizer to continuously supply the necessary ions in our homes and especially in our bedrooms while we sleep at night. Negative ions also kill disease germs before we breathe them in, so we can effectively stop the spread of infections within the indoor environment.

Breathing fresh air consistently will increase our defense against diseases as well as giving us a great sense of well being. Other benefits include increased alertness, enhanced learning and better sleep.

2. Choose nourishing, wholesome foods

Every culture knows this: We are what we eat.

Our body is a wonder awe-inspiring miracle. Consider how every body part work together intelligently and orderly. The body also has the ability to build itself up. According to medical science, the human body completely renews itself every 7 years! It is continually creating new cells. This renewing process is very much dependent on the nutrients we provide to it through the food we eat.

However, in our modern, high consumption world, we often hamper our body’s ability to heal itself with nutrient depleted convenience food. Processed foods, fast foods, packaged and boxed foods are always filled with additives, synthetic flavorings  colors  chemical preservatives, trans fats, sugar, aspartame, MSG, and contaminants. Some of these ingredients are neurotoxic, carcinogenic and estrogenic, meaning they undermine our brain and reproductive health as well as increase the risk of cancers. The ever increasing toxic loads in our body will suppress our immune system.

On the other hand, if we should take diligent effort to supply our body with good nourishment, it will have the materials it needs for healing and renewal. This will result in a strong immune system. So ditch the junk food and choose wholesome, fresh produce instead.

3. Ensure Optimal Hydration.

Water is an important solvent that is necessary for carrying and delivering nutrients to, as well as removing waste from, all the cells in the body. Water is essential for brain function. Soda, coffee and sugared drinks will not provide or replace the fluids necessary for body processes. How much water is enough? The advice is to drink sufficient clean filtered water every day to obtain clear urine.

4. Manage and eliminate Stress
Chronic stress, whether emotional or environmental, can suppress our immune function. When we are stressed out, our immune system is impaired. Negative emotions will also affect our physical well-being.

Fostering good friendships, building emotionally fulfilling relationships, making little sacrifices to do something for the good of another, forgiving or simply saying we are sorry are all building blocks to a strong, resilient immune system. Meditative relaxation, prayers, taking deliberate breaks from work and doing more of the things we enjoy will help us manage daily stress. Sleep deprivation is also a form of stress. So start writing off your sleep debts and have a good night sleep tonight.

5. Incorporate exercise, sunshine and laughter

All these contribute to a healthy lifestyle which helps fortify our immune system. Movement helps blood circulation while sunlight exposures help in the generation of vitamin D which is crucial in activating immune defenses. Spending time outdoors also reconnects us to the earth. By being a contact with nature we attune our biological frequency to the heartbeat of the earth. This is extra needful in our modern environment which is overrun with foreign electromagnetic radiation from all kinds of technologies. Indeed, studies reveal that current amounts of EMR from telecom towers and antennas radically alter the body’s cellular communications’ processes, leading to cancer and other diseases.

Finally. laughter is good medicine, reducing stress, oxygenating the whole body, strengthening the immune system and increasing energy levels, keeping you more alert and focused. Just like author Albert Hubbard said, “Don’t take life too seriously. You’ll never get out of it alive.”

It is wise to stack all the decks in our favour when it comes to strengthening our immune system. Nobody looks forward to a rude wake up call when the doctor announces an unfavorable sentence. We can’t do everything right, but we can do many things right when it comes to immune issues. And we can start right away with these 5 simple steps.


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