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Who We Are

Dorea Life is Asia's agent for the Adya Clarity Water Purification System & the reseller of many cutting edge, state of the art health products. We have also been an authoritative voice on natural & holistic health in Singapore for years. We are natural health bloggers and the publisher of the books The Truth About Air Electricity & Health and 谁偷了你的健康

"Dorea" means "Free Gift". Life is a free gift, so is love & health & every treasured relationship. Our atmosphere & the water that we drink -- they are FREE and priceless. At Dorea, we believe in directing our time & energies on things that matter -- loving life and enjoying our gifts forever.

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Customer Reviews

"I lost 5kg in less than a month without even trying. My mother had been battling adult acne for a long time. A few weeks with Adya Clarity in our water and she regained her clear, smooth complexion." - Isaac Tan, SG

"I put the negative ion box in our bedroom. And for the past two mornings Jeff and I have woke up with clear heads! No stuffiness! You have my endorsement and it really works!" Mrs. D.S., Cygnet, Ohio

"I have been using your ionizer for the past one year. I started using it for body pain. I am finding remarkable improvement in pain and immunity issues. My husband is a poor sleeper. After we started using he is having deep sleep." Jayanthi Bhalaji SG