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Who We Are

Dorea Pte Ltd is the agent for the Elanra Medical Ionizer. Besides distributing, marketing and promoting this wonderful, innovative, state-of-the-art ionizer, we are also natural health bloggers and the publisher of the book THE TRUTH ABOUT AIR ELECTRICITY & HEALTH.

"Dorea" means "Free Gift". It is a fact that anything that is of great value is free. Life is a free gift, so is love & health & happiness & every treasured relationship. Our atmosphere & the air that we breathe -- they are FREE and priceless. At Dorea, we believe in directing our time & energies on things that matter -- loving life and enjoying our gifts forever.

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The Dangers Of Trans Fats

Trans Fats: Eliminate This Dangerous Food To Protect […]

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Chronic Oxygen Deprivation is the Cause of Cancers and Other Degenerative Diseases

Irrefutable Scientific Truth: Chronic Oxygen Deprivation is the […]

Customer Reviews

"Elanra helped to strengthen my respiratory health significantly and I did not succumb to seasonal colds as easily." Mark Chen

"My 8 year old step-daughter beat Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia with the help of the Elanra Air Pendant. It helped her deal with the effects of chemotherapy, and gave her a more uplifted feeling. Thank you for this life saving product!" Craig Steele

"I have been using your ionizer for the past one year. I started using it for body pain. Iam finding remarkable improvement in pain and immunity issues. My husband is a poor sleeper. After we started using he is having deep sleep." Jayanthi Bhalaji